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December 2013 Technical Meeting in Nantes

A technical meeting has been held in Nantes on December 17 and December 18.
The meeting has involved people from the research providers of the Automobile project, namely Marco Brambilla from Politecnico di Milano and Jordi Cabot from Ecole des Mines de Nantes.
The meeting has focused on the definition of the mobile modeling language to be used in the project. It has also included a meeting and presentation with the company Obeo, based in Nantes and working on model-driven development tools. Obeo has demonstrated the use of the new Sirius framework, which can be used as a development framework for the modeling tools within Automobile.

Automobile and WebRatio at the OMG meeting in Silicon Valley

WebRatio joined the OMG Technical Meeting in Santa Clara, CA USA on December 9-13, 2013.
During the meeting, WebRatio displayed its booth during the exhibitor session and gave a presentation at the Analysis & Design Task Force (the one that is responsible of UML, among other things) on the status of the IFML standard, heading towards version 1.0.
During the presentation, Automobile has been discussed as a paved way towards extension of IFML for mobile devices.

The presentation given at the workshop is reported here below: