AutoMobile produced a set of public deliverables (available for download, see below), covering the following results:

  • Result 1 – Mobile language: a platform independent modelling language based on OMG standards (MDA, UML, IFML)
  • Result 2 –Methodology: methodological guideline, in the format of a textbook, on how to elicit, design, implement and deploy successfully mobile multi-channel and multi-device, context-based
  • Result 3 – Frameworks and components: a set of software components and an architectural framework acting as technical building blocks based on HTML 5 and also target native applications (iOS and Android)
  • Result 4 – Code generator: a model-to-code generator, which consists of a set of model transformations integrated in the existing WebRatio platform
  • Result 5-6-7 – Applications: a portfolio of B2C and B2B vertical mobile applications, demonstrating the effectiveness of the AutoMobile approach in selected industries and application domains



This is the list of public deliverables of the AutoMobile project:

D1.1. State of the art; architecture, functional and business requirements
D2.1. Modeling language design specifications
D3.1 Client side and server side initial design specifications
D4.1 Busines case specifications
D4.2 Methodology manual
D4.3 Business case demonstrators
D5.1 Web site
D5.2 Interim plan for use and dissemination of knowledge
D5.4 AutoMobile school and hackaton
D5.5 Final plan for use and dissemination of knowledge

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