AutoMobile proposes to face the challenge of the mobile revolution by exploiting abstraction, modelling and code generation, in the spirit of modern Model Driven Engineering. The rationale is to represent applications (desktop, mobile, classic web) in a platform-independent manner and then generate the code to deploy the application business and interaction logic onto any platform of choice.

AutoMobile will apply model-driven code generation to tailor-made composite applications. The project does not anticipate limitations in the specific industrial sector where the AutoMobile technology will be applicable. Model-driven development will be applicable across different industries and classes of users. The following is a list of the potential application sectors where the beneficiaries foresee the applicability of AutoMobile, based also on their past record of application development:

  • B2C: customer relationship management, point of sales recommendation, location-based service and product recommendation, serious games for product and service marketing.
  • B2B, B2E: sales force automation, fleet management, expense and mission reporting.
  • PA: citizen-enabled early alerting, environmental monitoring, traffic condition reporting, event dissemination to citizens, territorial marketing, public utilities to citizen communication.

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