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Scientific paper published in 2015

Several scientific papers have been published in 2015 about the Automobile results!

This is a list of the main publications:

  • “Textual and Content-Based Search in Repositories of Web Application Models”, ACM Transactions on the Web, 2015
  • “Large-scale Model-Driven Engineering of web user interaction: The WebML and WebRatio experience”, Sci. of Comp. Programming, 2015
  • MobiSys 2015 – “Model-Driven Development of Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Web Ratio and IFML”
  • ICWE 2015 – “Model-Driven Development Based on OMG’s IFML with WebRatio Web and Mobile Platform”
  • MobileDeli 2015 – “Automatic Code Generation for Cross-platform, Multi-Device Mobile Apps: Some Reflections from an Industrial Experience”
  • SLE 2015 – “An Empirical Study on Simplification of .. Modeling Languages”

IFML and mobile extensions presented at ICWE 2014

icwe 2014

IFML and its mobile extensions devised within the Automobile project have been presented at ICWE 2014, the International Conference on Web Engineering, held in


The presentation has been given in the form of half-day tutorial, offered by Marco Brambilla.  The slides used for the tutorial are publicly available:

The tutorial focuses on the Domain-specific Language (DSL) called IFML, which has been adopted as a standard by OMG in March 2013. The Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) is designed for expressing content, user interaction and control behaviour of the front-end of software applications, as well as the binding to the persistence and business logic layers. IFML is the missing piece for modeling the front end of software applications and perfectly complements other modeling dimensions in broad system modeling projects. Therefore, IFML works best when integrated with other modeling languages in the MDA suite, such as UML and BPMN. This tutorial illustrates the basic concepts of IFML, presents the design best practices and integration with other modelling languages, and discusses some industrial experiences (also featuring quantitative measures of productivity) achieved by the companion tool WebRatio. At the end of the tutorial, attendees will get a general knowledge about IFML (they will be able to design simple models and to derive models from existing interfaces), will be able to associate front-end design with system modelling at large, will see the associated MDE tool WebRatio at work, and will get a glimpse of real-life industrial applications developed for large enterprises. This will let them appreciate the advantages of a model-driven development approach at work within large-scale industrial project.

AutoMobile paper accepted at MobiWIS 2014 in Barcelona

A joint paper written by researchers of Politecnico di Milano and Ecole des Mines de Nantes has been accepted at the MobiWIS conference, to be held in September 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

The conference comprises a set of carefully selected tracks that focus on the particular challenges regarding mobile Web and innovative information systems in research areas such as, among others, Web Engineering, Service-Oriented Computing, Web of Things, Data and Knowledge Management, Cloud Computing, Security and Human-Computer Interaction.

The contribution of the AutoMobile paper  proposes a model-driven approach to mobile application development based on the IFML standard. We propose an extension of the OMG’s Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) tailored to mobile applications and we describe our implementation experience that comprises the development of automatic code generators for cross-platform mobile applications based on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript optimized for the Apache Cordova framework. We show the approach at work on a popular mobile application, we report on the application of the approach on an industrial application development project and we provide a productivity comparison with traditional approaches.