Automobile School and Hackathon

www_webratio_com_events_Flyer_Mobile_Development_Days_pdf From September 28th to 30th, the AutoMobile School and Mobile Development Days event took place in the ComoNext Technological Scientific Park in Lomazzo (CO), where the WebRatio headquarter are located.

The event has been led by Polytechnic University of Milan and WebRatio, within the European project Automobile. It consisted of a 3-day event with training and workshops on rapid mobile app development and a development challenge.

Participants have been introduced to the model-driven development approach by using the WebRatio visual tool based on IFML. In particular, the school focused on the Mobile edition of WebRatio, developed within the AutoMobile project. WebRatio lets developers build apps without writing code and 9 times faster than any other development approach.

In order to increase visibility and hype around the event, it has been promoted also as the first contest in Europe to focus on the rapid development of smartphone and tablet apps that connect to IoT sensors (Internet of Things).

You can download here the Flyer of the Mobile Development Days and here the document describing the details of the event.

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