Scientific paper published in 2015

Several scientific papers have been published in 2015 about the Automobile results!

This is a list of the main publications:

  • “Textual and Content-Based Search in Repositories of Web Application Models”, ACM Transactions on the Web, 2015
  • “Large-scale Model-Driven Engineering of web user interaction: The WebML and WebRatio experience”, Sci. of Comp. Programming, 2015
  • MobiSys 2015 – “Model-Driven Development of Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Web Ratio and IFML”
  • ICWE 2015 – “Model-Driven Development Based on OMG’s IFML with WebRatio Web and Mobile Platform”
  • MobileDeli 2015 – “Automatic Code Generation for Cross-platform, Multi-Device Mobile Apps: Some Reflections from an Industrial Experience”
  • SLE 2015 – “An Empirical Study on Simplification of .. Modeling Languages”

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